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Martin Kviteberg
August 9, 2021

A Fully Integrated Solution

Implement Adonis Onboard on your ships today and immediately see the benefits in operational efficiency, safety, and lower costs. Adonis Onboard gives you access to features such as electronic Time & Attendance with MLC and Overtime Control, Payroll and Master's Cash Account, Cabin Allocation, Crew Station Bill, Drills, Onboard Courses, Gangway Access Control, and Crew Effects Management to name a few. Our proven replication technology provide immediate, real-time access to data across your whole organization at the lowest possible cost.

By implementing Adonis Onboard across your fleet, you will get a real sense of the power of the complete Adonis Solution: It eliminates geographical distances, allows you to implement processes in the most efficient location, captures data at the source, and presents it in a single consolidated solution. Adonis allows you to “run a tighter ship” with less administrative overhead. Significantly reducing the constant e-mail flow and duplicated data entry which reduces productivity and increases the potential for human error.

Safety First

You can centrally build, manage, and monitor all processes that involve the crew's handling of emergency preparedness. Setting up alerts, instructions, and tasks that need to be undertaken in an emergency is done centrally,  providing a detailed insight, in real-time into how the procedures are practiced on board.

With the intuitive interface, setting up crisis scenarios, and planning the various drills onboard are extremely easy. Afterwards drills can be evaluated on board and the outcome monitored centrally. All drills are recorded at vessel as well as individual level and will form part of a person's experience profile.

Extensive Base System

Adonis Personnel Manager is an ‘off the shelf’ product, with extensive built-in tools for customizing and configuring the system to your specific needs through an easy to use administrator interface.

Payroll with Time & Attendance

Our on-board electronic Time & Attendance system will capture all work and rest hours, automatically calculate overtime based upon individual contracts, and alert managers of any breaches of company work and rest hours policies.

Employee Self-Serve

Take a giant step forward by including the Employee Portal in your Adonis Human Resource Platform. Many forward-thinking maritime organizations are already benefitting from Crew Self Service by making HR teams more efficient.

Powerful Planning

The Rotation Planning module enables you to visualise movements over time, drag and drop employees into assignments, highlights non-compliance, and much more. It is considered by many users to be the most powerful and flexible tool for long-term roster planning in the market.

Automated Notification Server

The platform allows you to set up automated notifications that can alert you on any issue. It can be simple things such as alerting an employee of a document or a certificate expiring, or a birthday greeting to an employee or something more serious such as a breach of compliance.

Get More From Adonis

Get more out of your Adonis Personnel Manager by adding several of our popular modules, such as Rotation Planning, Crew Change, Course Scheduler, and Payroll. Additionally, you should utilize our built-in configuration tools to enable Adonis to consolidate and manage the many processes which you currently are handling outside of your main HR system.

Examples may be Personal Development Reviews, Formal Performance Reviews, Informal Discussions, Sabbatical Requests, Grievance Reports, Disciplinary Records etc. Adonis can integrate these forms and processes in your core solution. This can reduce administration and cost by eliminating 3rd party tools, Excel forms or paper files, which may still be in use.

Seagull Integration

Extending your safety management with our Seagull integration gives full insight into all Seagull competencies. As you embed them in the safety matrices, you can use them for reporting, to create alerts, to analyze crew qualifications along with the rest of the competence and qualifications or to understand training requirements over time.

Flight Booking Integration

Would you like to streamline and automate your flight booking processes and to be constantly aware of the best flight options? Two of the market-leading companies, ATPI Griffinstone and Adonis, have joined forces to deliver a fully integrated solution that’s more efficient and cost-effective than anything you have seen before. This is a game-changer!

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