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A well trained team is a prepared team

When it comes to unexpected emergencies, a person's training automatically kicks in. With AdonisHR's drills & scenarios functionality, you will have all the tools you need to ensure all training courses are well tracked, attended, and tailored for the needs of each individual course. So when the unlikely event of an emergency occurs, panic does not ensue as your team will know exactly what to do keeping everyone safe.

Drills & Scenarios Features
Adonis HR


Build the plans you need to cover all your training requirements. Generic plans can be built and assigned to your entire crew population while more specialized plans can be built and assigned to smaller groups with more granular responsibilities, providing your safety management team the confidence they need knowing your staff is always ready for the call.


Employees are naturally busy with their primary job responsibilities. To ensure they don't miss their required drills and training classes, use the scheduling feature which will populate calendars to keep them organized and always in attendance.

Adonis HR
Adonis HR


Planning and scheduling is only part of the process. To ensure your staff is well trained and prepared for any and all emergencies, execution is the critical element in preparing your staff.


The ultimate goal of a drill or training session is to ensure all staff is equipped with the proper knowledge and skill to perform their duties in the unlikely event of an emergency, ensuring the safety of all souls onboard. With AdonisHR, you'll be able to maintain records of attendees and courses completed to ensure that each and every member of your safety team is prepared to properly care for all onboard.

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Customer’s thoughts

“Ponant’s plans for growth demanded the creation of a robust, scalable crewing software that would be able to take the strain of increased planification, overtime management, certificate management, etc.

This provided a great opportunity to improve the efficiency of Ponant’s existing crewing process. Adonis crewing solution has enabled Ponant to face this challenge with a solid software, capable to adapt to specific demands, trustable payroll procedures and robust replication module on board. The easy to handle software either for Ponant end users and crew themselves, is a key asset to change management needed in scalable projects. New technologies used by Adonis have enabled Ponant to save time in day-to-day crewing management and payroll.

With a very efficient support services, Adonis invest in the good relationship, as part of the success story with Ponant.“

Thomas Verdier Fuentes

Fleet Crewing Director, Ponant

"Adonis is truly a one-stop-shop where we have Payroll, Scheduling, Competence Management, and many other features in the same, integrated system."

Hanne Buje Jensen

HR Director, Fjord Line

"Simon Møkster Shipping has been a customer of Adonis for more than 20 years. Adonis has skilled and positive staff who provide excellent support!"

Alf Møkster

CFO, Simon Møkster Shipping

"Adonis is a user friendly and integrated data management solution for complex shipping operations. The service and support are outstanding and our partnership with Adonis has made a big positive impact on our personnel and legal compliance processes."

Gerhard Renger

People Chief Officer, GBA Ships

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