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Bertine Kviteberg
January 31, 2023

Finnish Ferry operator, Eckerö Group, implementing Adonis to achieve smarter crew scheduling and unified HR administration

The Eckerö Story

The Group provides passenger and car ferry services on the Åland Sea in Eckerö Linjen and the Gulf of Finland in Eckerö Line. In addition to this, subsidiary Eckerö Shipping handles transports for the European export industry. Eckerö Group has a total of 7 ships in the fleet. The Group also operates bus services in Åland in Williams Buss.

Selecting the Right HR Vendor

After years of partially manual data transfers between several separate HR systems and tools for sea-based and land-based workflows to administer employees, record time and attendance across all the Group's units and divisions, Eckerö began the search for an alternative way to manage its workforce that would adapt to its evolving business, as well as the needs of its modern-minded staff.
The process to select the right workforce management vendor initially involved a broad vetting process of the Group's internal workflows to establish requirements, while reviewing demos from industry vendors. Eckerö then had a good knowledge of the available options and a clear statement of requested improvements from its divisions.
Beyond that, Eckerö, wanted the vendor they ultimately selected to have had meaningful experience implementing workforce management solutions in similar maritime environments. And they didn’t just rely on the vendor to support that claim; they conducted their own interviews and reference checks with existing           maritime clients to ensure their eventual partner had a great  reputation and had the financial stability to ensure longevity in the market.                         

Why Adonis HR

Implementing Adonis HR will allow Eckerö to consolidate their HR processes into one system as it will be used to replace several other existing HR based tools related to their diversified operations, including Finnish Payroll and ultimately Swedish Payroll.



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Bertine Kviteberg
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