Webinar: Roster & Route Planning

Bertine Kviteberg
August 31, 2022

Over the last couple of years Adonis has worked in close cooperation with some leading ferry and cruise companies and developed a completely new approach to the challenges for manning small ferries, Ro-Ro, as well as large passenger ships. With our complete integrated solution and the new features we can guarantee you a complete new, time-saving and efficient approach to your rostering with an unprecedented level of overview and control. During the demo, we cover the following processes:

  • Route Planning
  • Rostering
  • Manning according to Service level changes
  • Paperless Work & Rest Hours Management
  • Payroll integration


Erick Meijer
Product Director
Adonis HR

Responsible for keeping the Adonis Maritime Suite up to date with the latest industry requirements and technology trends. Erick has deep experience in software development and the maritime HR  processes in the office and onboard.

AJ Gutierrez
Area Manager US
Adonis HR

Cruise industry professional with years of IT experiences working out of Florida. Project Manager and Area Manager covering The Americas for Adonis.

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Thursday September 22nd at 14:30 CEST

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