Havila Shipping Live with Adonis

Bertine Kviteberg
May 25, 2021

What Havila's Crewing Manager had to say:

On behalf of my team and the Masters who have been involved in the project, I'd like to express our gratitude for the service we have received from the Adonis Team during the implementation for Havila Shipping. Always service-minded, easy to understand and solution oriented. We are looking very much forward to expand the use of Adonis into the other branches of our group and Havila Kystruten.
Kristin Kolgrov, Crewing Manager

Crewing & Payroll

Havila is streamlining all their maritime HR operations in their new entity Havila Service AS, which is offering crewing and payroll services across the total fleet. A project to move all the supply crew to the Adonis platform was started early last fall. By January 1st 2021 all crew were managed in Adonis, with a fully integrated shipboard and office solution, as described below. The project was managed and conducted remotely. This not only saved time but significantly reduced the cost to Havila. The solution from Adonis will now be rolled out to the new Kystruten operations.

Fully Electronic Process

A key part of the solution is the fully electronic, paperless capture and approval of Work and Rest hours onboard. It eliminates manual data entry and thus the risk of duplication and errors. In addition, the Adonis self-service Employee Portal has been made available for crew members to review and maintain their personnel information, upload new certificates, access their pay slips and file their travel expenses for processing in Adonis Payroll. The low-cost data updates between the office and the ships, allows more efficient processes reducing the workload of key personnel who can then focus on more important or strategic tasks.


After having implemented Adonis, Havila Shipping realised the following results:

  • Automating their entire payroll process and significantly reducing the time for payroll processing. The manager can now spend their time on control and approval work.
  • Paperless tracking of work and rest hours. The electronic signature through mobile phone or PC has reduced the workload and reduced the potential risk for errors significantly.
  • Havila’s captains and other key positions on board are now able to have full, real-time overview of their crew profiles and can easily manage crew changes, freeing up time to spend on the important tasks required onboard.

Usage of Adonis Self-Service Portal

The Adonis Self-Service portal has received very positive feedback from Havilas’ crew members. Specifically, they mention that Adonis has significantly improved their working life. The portal is used daily by employees to update their profile and contact information, renew their certificates and travel documents, file their travel expenses, track their work and rest hours and electronically sign their timesheets. Crew members receive automated e-mail notifications to remind them when their documents are due to expire as well as other important tasks that are outstanding.

A pleasure to work with!

This has been both a challenging and very exciting project to bring to fulfillment. As a team we faced very short timelines for an implementation of this scale which required applying a new methodology on our part and a very close and concerted collaboration within the wider project team. Thanks to a highly proactive approach by Havila and an exceptional effort from their team, the project was delivered as scheduled and we deem it an overall success.
Randi Blidensol, Project Manager in Adonis



Written By

Bertine Kviteberg
Marketing Manager

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