Electronic Signatures

Bertine Kviteberg
August 9, 2021

Eliminate Manual Work with Electronic Timesheets.

Stay compliant with MLC and simplify the Time & Attendance process with electronic signature on timesheets. Relieve your team leaders and crew from the cumbersome process of manually printing, signing and scanning timesheets. The crew will receive a notification as soon as their timesheet has been approved by their manager and is ready to be signed electronically.

Signing made easy.

Whatever way the Work and Rest Hours are captured, the approval chain and signature will be fully electronical. Go completely electronic and say forever goodbye to manual work on the Time & Attendance process with Adonis Electronic Work Flow.

Real-Time overview...
Use Adonis Time Clock and Crew Portal for a continous overview of the work- and rest hours.

...and MLC compliance
The automated notification process keeps everyone involved alerted on ongoing or upcoming violations.

...through a Chain of Approval
Add highlights Time Sheets ready
for team leaders.

...for a Fully Electronic Solution
Providing a 100% electronic solution for all work around time management.

Crew Self Service


"Think about all the time you and your colleagues spend on correcting errors, printing, scanning, filing... There is no quicker way to gain efficiency than by employee self-serve. Electronic signatures on Time Sheets is a great way for you to get started!"

Aepple A. Venezuela, Project Manager



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Bertine Kviteberg
Marketing Manager

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