The Agenda for Adonis HR User Conference 2023 is coming to life!

Bertine Kviteberg
May 3, 2023

Agenda Topics

Based on the many proposals coming in by our users, we can guarantee you that the following topics will be on the agenda:

  • New module for Performance and Appraisals
  • How to work with Analytical Module
  • How to do ad hoc queries
  • How to make Crew List views
  • Introduction to the Report Generator
  • Competence Matrix Reporting
  • Adonis and Microsoft Word integration
  • Self Service possibilities and needs
  • Improved customer interaction in development
  • Looking forward - Adonis Roadmap - input
  • Establishment of Adonis User Group - a forum to exchange ideas and common development needs

But there will be much more. There is still plenty of time to throw in ideas for topics that you would like to see on the final agenda for the conference.

Please use this link to post your thoughts.

Your feedback is essential to help us tailor the conference to your needs and ensure that you get the most out of the event.



Written By

Bertine Kviteberg
Marketing Manager

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