Adonis HR & ATPI Crewlink Live Demo

Bertine Kviteberg
May 25, 2021

On behalf of Adonis HR and ATPI Marine & Energy we have the pleasure to share with you a short webinar which demonstrate our new features in flight booking processes. The integration between Adonis HR and ATPI CrewLink, the two industry leading solutions, is by many called a gamechanger when it comes to flight-booking efficiency, showing you the new level of efficiency that you can achieve within an area that traditionally has been very time-consuming.

The webinar contain short introductions from our experts, and experience from the industry, followed by a live demonstration of how easy it is to plan, book, change and cancel flights with Adonis and ATPI Crewlink.

You can also find some of the presentation material below: 

Introduction to ATPI by Jochem Hemink, Head of Sales Marine Europe and Asia, ATPI


Adonis HR Workforce Management by Sigrid Kviteberg, COO at Adonis HR


Adonis HR & ATPI CrewLink Integration by Daria Chebotaieva, Consultant, Adonis HR, andTushar Worlikar, CrewLink Global Manager, ATPI


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Written By

Bertine Kviteberg
Marketing Manager

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Bertine Kviteberg

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Live Demonstration: Adonis HR's Electronic and Paperless Work & Rest Hours

Thursday 10th of June at 13:00-13:45 UTC (09:00-09:45 am EDT, 15:00-15:45 ETC).

Adonis HR & ATPI Crewlink Live Demo

Webinar: Thursday 27th of May

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