Adonis HR Versus OCS HR (Mintra)

Jon Richardson
November 5, 2021

Regardless of your business' size, crew management is complex and time-consuming. However, crew management software has been around for a while and can help streamline and automate the many tasks that need to be completed to ensure your vessels are crewed efficiently and safely. There are relatively few choices in the market when looking for good crew management platforms, especially when compared to land-based HR or workforce management platforms. This lack of choice is due to the specialist nature of the industry. If you have been looking for Crew Management software, you may well be comparing Adonis HR versus OCS HR.  Both are popular options for streamlining your maritime crew operations. But what are the differences? How will those differences affect your productivity? And will they integrate with your existing systems? 

Specialise or generalise? 

You may be tempted to try to work with your existing HR or workforce management solution. Or, you may think that adapting a more general (land-based) system, complemented by a few Excel spreadsheets. However, maritime operations' specialist and complex nature require a different approach to human capital management than that of even the most complicated land-based work environments. Differing legislative environments throughout the world, multiple tax jurisdictions, complex leave patterns, work & rest hours requirements, accommodation (berthing), and safety drills are just a few of the considerations that most companies do not have to factor into their planning. Therefore, a dedicated maritime crew management solution built by a company with a broad range of experience is a must. If you have done your research, you will be aware of both Adonis HR and OCS HR and may even have shortlisted them for review. This guide will serve as a launching pad for further research or help you make that final decision about the right crew management software for your organisation.

Adonis HR Versus OCS HR: Overview

Adonis HR

Adonis HR started life 30 years ago, providing a maritime payroll solution to help the offshore, cruise, and ferry industries to simplify and streamline the complex multi-jurisdiction payroll operations. As time evolved, the platform was developed in partnership with leading maritime companies to provide solutions for recruitment scheduling, time & attendance, rostering, and much more. Today it offers a complete solution for maritime crewing operations.

The Adonis HR platform has been implemented within some of the maritime s industries' biggest companies. Headquartered in Norway, with offices in the Philippines, UK, US, Brazil, Australia, and Ukraine it has a truly global presence and reach. Adonis is still privately owned, with two of the original founders, Per Ove Kviteberg and Bente Kviteberg, still holding the majority shareholding. Many other members of the Kviteberg family also have key leadership roles within Adonis HR. This continuity of ownership is seen as a competitive advantage. 


OCS HR originated as a training solution over 30 years ago. They are located throughout Europe and Singapore. The OCS HR platform enables their clients' to plan, and schedule marine crew from their software platform. OCS HR provides solutions for employee data, crew rotation planning, and competence needs while integrating payroll, training, and travel booking. OCS HR is led by CEO Kevin Short, who joined the company in 2018 and was appointed as CEO in 2021 and supported by CFO Torbjørn Blom-Hagen, who joined the company in 2021.

Adonis HR Versus OCS HR: Which system should you choose?

Below, we have listed 8 reasons as to why we believe Adonis HR is the best choice when it comes to maritime Crew Management software.

1. Database Platform (MS SQL versus ORACLE)

Adonis runs on a SQL database platform while OCS HR uses Oracle as it’s back end. Oracle continues to be a very strong player in the enterprise game; however, SQL is becoming the preferred choice across the technology industry for several reasons.

For starters, it is well known that SQL is simple to manage while an Oracle platform is complex and requires more overhead in terms of cost and maintenance. Systems running an Oracle back end typically require dedicated DBAs for day-to-day administration, running queries as needed and overall database maintenance. Mid-level IT administrators, and even some super users, normally have enough familiarity with SQL queries to be able to remain self-sufficient as it relates to pulling the data they need by running basic queries without requiring the assistance of a DBA.

Adonis HR took it a step further and took full advantage of the flexibility provided by SQL. Users looking to create custom views via SQL queries within the Adonis software can do so directly within the system without having to execute these queries directly within SQL Server.

2. Reporting/Output

Maritime reporting requirements are unique. The ability to run accurate reports on demand are key to running a successful operation. Adonis HR has very cost-efficient and user-friendly reporting options, ranging from safety, payroll, crewing, and scheduling to critical regulatory reports. Being able to provide manifests and crew counts on time are often the difference between sailing on time and having to pay fines for delayed departures. These are areas covered by Adonis HR while OCS HR are largely based on hard-coded standard reports with higher development costs for additional or custom reporting requests.

3. Time & Attendance

Adonis HR has developed a very user friendly and efficient paperless time & attendance system. Crew members are able to electronically clock in and out of their shifts on timeclocks strategically placed throughout a vessel. The technology in which they authenticate is flexible, ranging from touchscreen panels to RFID cards. As they log their shifts, their time is accurately captured, calculated and used for much more than simply tracking hours worked. Supervisors and Managers are able to use tools within the Adonis software to track attendance, ensure compliance rules and regulations are properly met and ultimately approve timesheets electronically. The last piece of the puzzle is a full integration into payroll, ensuring crew members’ pay checks are a true reflection of hours worked.

4. 24/7 Global Support

Adonis HR's global footprint allows us to offer true 24/7 customer support using the 'follow the sun' model. Technical support is provided by fully trained Adonis HR employees using the ConnectWise CRM platform. In addition, employees have clear escalation protocols for cases to ensure that all issues are dealt with efficiently and expediently.

Adonis HR' support staff is located worldwide, allowing the company to offer true 24// customer support.

5. Private Ownership

Two families privately own Adonis HR. Co-founders Per Ove Kviteberg, the Chairman and Chief Financial Officer, Bente Kviteberg hold the majority shareholdings. Product Director, Erick Meijer being the other main shareholder. Many other members of both families are involved in the company, many in senior leadership roles. This continuity of ownership and engagement ensures that the company is focused on long-term development and success. This provides a competitive advantage for the company, with many customers providing positive feedback on this aspect of the business.

6. Dedicated to Maritime HR Software

Maritime HR is unique. While it has some of the same 'high-level' challenges as land-based HR, such as recruitment, training and staff management, etc., the ways these challenges need to be addressed in very different. Managing a diverse range of people in a diverse range of environments with complicated compliance issues and across many different and fluid, tax jurisdictions requires not only different systems but a different mindset

Since its inception, Adonis HR has been focused on the maritime HR industry. Despite many opportunities to diversify, the Executive Leadership Team has resisted any platform diversification or expansion into land-based HR.  

Many employees within Adonis have two or more decades of service. In addition, Adonis HR has customers from all Maritime industry sectors, including the cruise, commercial shipping, ferry, and offshore industries. This has resulted in a huge wealth of experience and expertise retained within Adonis HR, and provides significant benefits for our customers.

7. User Interface

Both Adonis HR and OCS HR are hybrid solutions with complementing desktop and web modules. Both companies are in the process of transitioning modules from desktop to web. While the two platforms share many similarities, Adonis HR is generally perceived to have the most modern and user-friendly interface.

A strongpoint of the Adonis HR platform is the on-screen reporting functionality of the Crew List views. Whether it's a simplified view or a detailed report with specific criteria, users can define they would like to display the data with quick results using simple SQL queries in the front end of the system.

Training users can be costly and time consuming. Adonis HR took a familiar user interface and tried to best mimic navigation tools and windows that users are already familiar with in an effort to reduce the learning curve. Users often acknowledge the ease in which they learned to navigate throughout the system using a modern and user-friendly platform.

Adonis HR


8. Payroll

Payroll functionality is an area Adonis HR takes true pride in. As noted earlier, it’s where Adonis first began this journey by providing a maritime payroll solution to the industry. While OCS HR and Adonis HR Payroll do both work rather similarly, there are benefits that come with choosing Adonis HR.

Both Adonis HR and OCS HR payroll systems allow for activity driven payroll, which is critical in a maritime operation. One key benefit of Adonis HR is the added functionality allowing for front end scripting, providing the flexibility your payroll department needs to service your custom operational and payroll requirements. The other secret ingredient that separates Adonis HR from the rest is employing some of the best and most knowledgeable staff, having experience implementing and supporting the most complex payroll operations across the globe.



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